Rises to first COO of British Caribbean Insurance

Michelle Anderson, newly appointed chief operating officer at British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC), has responsibility for its strategic digital transformation along with their CEO, Peter Levy. Anderson will be heavily involved in overseeing initiatives to create borderless teams and build employee capabilities to support the organisation’s regional growth outside of Jamaica, Barbados and Turks and Caicos, where BCIC currently operates.

Anderson’s journey at BCIC was a fascinating one that started at just age 16 as her first job out of high school. However, her sheer curiosity to understand insurance claims documents while in her entry-level position led her to such a dynamic career. Her unyielding passion and eagerness soon found her pursuing studies at the College of Insurance; however, as she grew in her career, Anderson decided to continue her studies by pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII) in the United Kingdom. Eventually, she returned to Jamaica because she wanted to make a more significant impact on the industry.

Returning to her roots at BCIC, she had the opportunity to blend her overseas qualification and experiences, eventually being promoted every two years for nearly ten years, and becoming the company’s first chief operating officer (COO).

Anderson emphasised that BCIC is an industry pioneer that has disrupted the industry by offering tech-driven solutions across their product offerings. She asserted that the pandemic accelerated their operations as their teams could seamlessly work in a remote environment. During the transition to work-from-home, she admitted that the company had challenges of staff mobility. Some employees did not have access to hardware devices like laptops and desktops, which the company responded to by managing the logistics of transporting those devices to remote locations. The company also reconfigured their network infrastructure PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems and CUG (Closed User Group) phones by integrating them with mobile devices, allowing automatic transfer of calls to employees’ phones.

Contributed by the Jamaica Observer: May 4, 2023